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Phoenix Trail Information & Maps

Phoenix and the surrounding valley are home to some of the best mountain biking in Arizona. Our local trails are based out of South Mountain Preserve and Park in Phoenix, with over 16,000 acres and 50 miles of trails. Featured are the Desert Classic, Mormon, National, and Javalina trails.

The park and local trail system offer everything from great cross-country riding to gnarly black diamond descents (don't forget to bring your pads!). These are just some suggestions coming from years of riding South Mountain Park. Please feel to contact us if you have any questions regarding the trails and suggested routes!

South Mountain Preserve & Park


Trail Routes

Desert Classic>Bronco Flats>Desert Classic>Secret>Desert Classic

Desert Classic is a great beginner/intermediate trail. This route will start you off on Desert Classic to Bronco Flats, then back onto Desert Classic. From there it will connect you to the Secret Trail where you'll be losing elevation back to the resort. Lot's of flow and a little bit of tech entering and exiting the washes on the trail.

Use this LINK to download this route onto your GPS unit.

Pima Loop>Desert Classic>Secret>Lower Corona>Desert Classic>Secret>Desert Classic

This 16 mile loop is a favorite if your wanting to complete a XC ride on steriods with out the risk of the upper black-diamond trails of Mormon/National. It combines the flow of Desert Classic with technical sections of trails just adjacent to it.  Use this LINK to download this route onto your GPS unit.


Mormon>National>Javalina>E Pima

This is an action-packed loop with a fair amount of technical climbing and descending, only recommended for advanced riders. You'll start off on the double track leading to the Mormon/National split. Stay on Mormon till it ends and take a left where you will pick up the National Trail. Descending back down to where you began at the split and go up Javalina's short ascent. From the top of Javalina, you'll be treated to almost a 2-mile descent.  Pads in addition to a helmet and gloves are highly recommended!

Use this LINK to download this route onto your GPS unit.

Mormon>National>Waterfall>Javalina>Pima East

This loop adds in the infamous Waterfall feature on the National Trail. Photos and video do not do the feature justice on how steep and technical it is so use caution if attempting it! Pads in addition to helmet and gloves are highly recommended!

Use this LINK to download this route onto your GPS unit.

Cactus Adventures>Pima RD>Mormon>National>Corona De Loma>Secret>Desert Classic

Here's the route to Corona De Loma trail which is a pretty fast and steep descent with some big time exposer at the top. Great views but very technical. It starts on the east side of the park and drops you down to the Secret trail and returning on Desert Classic back to Cactus Adventures. Use this LINK to download this route to your GPS from Strava.



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