How much experience do I need?

The skill level of our tours range from novice to advanced. Let us know how you rate your Skill/Fitness Level and make sure that we are not choosing a place to ride that is too difficult for you. You’re on vacation, not in boot camp! One of our favorite things is taking newbies out for a ride AKA Mountain Biking 101. Instruction and skill building is our strong suit. We typically ride 2.5-3 hours on a tour.

What will I need to have with me?

For Mountain Biking:

We supply you with a Cactus Adventures full suspension mountain bike, helmet and repair kit.  If you're on a tour, our guide will do any repairs if they come up. Our bike guides always carry a first aid kit, extra tools and tubes. 


You should bring a day pack roomy enough to carry your gear and extra water. If you have a hydration pack, bring it!

70oz. of water for a half-day biking excursion or 100 oz. for a full day of biking. In high summer you should increase that amount by 50%. Water is critical while excercising in Phoenix because of the aridity and the heat.  But don't worry-We have packs to borrow and lots of water if you need it! Electrolyte Drinks are an important as well!


Sunscreen to apply often during your excursion.


Wear bike gloves, shorts, shoes and shirt, if you have them. If you don’t have bike clothes, wear shorts, shirt and athletic shoes. If you have a Shimano SPD pedal system, just bring your shoes-we have the pedals for an extra $5. We also have Time or Crank Brothers (check availability) but you will need to bring your own shoes.


Bring a phone for that "In Case of Emergency" situation or a selfie on the trail!


For Hiking:

We recommend good comfortable running shoes or a sturdy trail shoe. No open toed shoes please. No need for big, chunky hiking boots (unless you really are accustomed to them).  


A small day pack or waist pack to carry at least 50oz of water, some snacks and sunscreen, camera and/or phone.





What if I have to cancel?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If something comes up please let us know in advance.  Cancelling within the 24 hour before departure time will result in a forfeit of the full trip price.  Please call as soon as you can! 

What about tipping?

Tipping certainly is not required, but our Cactus Adventures tour guides and support staff gratefully appreciate tips as a way of expressing your thanks for a job well done. 10-20%of your tour cost is a good rule of thumb.

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