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Mountain Bike Rental Shuttle Service

Want to rent a mountain bike but don't have a way to get it to the trail you want to ride? I'll bring the bikes and gear to one selected trailheads listed below, then I will be there when you're done with your ride to pick up your bikes and equipment rentals. There is a maximum of 7 riders, and this fee is in addition to your mountain bike rental. Here is a list of the trailheads you can ride!

20220627_053335 (1).jpg


$88 for 1 Rider, $66 each for 2 Riders, and only $56 each for 3 to 7 riders. This fee is in addition to your bike rental.  Available meeting times are from 5:00am to 6:00pm. Call, text, or email if you have any trail information questions.

  • 1 Rider $88

  • 2 Riders $132

  • 3 Riders $168

  • 4 Riders $224

  • 5 Riders $280

  • 6 Riders $336

  • 7 Riders $392

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